We at ECO GRILL have always believed there is a better way of grilling, whether we talk indoor or outdoor applications, a professional or residential environment. It was clear to us that revolutionary solution would need to address a couple of crucial points, to achieve the ultimate results we targeted as the end product.

So we loaded the equation with the following variables:

  1. Source of heat
  2. Energy efficient
  3. High temperature > 600 F
  4. High and even thermal surface conductivity
  5. Minimal temperature variations of the grilling top
  6. Minimal energy loss
  7. Modular and physical scalability
  8. High quality materials
  9. High quality of workmanship
  10. Easy way to use and to clean

After long and intensive days of work in the shop and on the board, and years of tweaking, at one point we concluded we created the revolutionary grill. We called this master piece ECO GRILL.

We tested hundreds of ECO GRILL units in the field, on many grilling / cooking applications by professional chefs, and our feedback was indisputable. We had a WINNER.

We have engineered and delivered a revolutionary, scalable, high quality grill, powered by electric energy, with zero emissions of Carbon Monoxide gas, capable running temperatures over 600F in a matter of eight minutes, with an even thermal conductivity. This is the essence of the ECO GRILL. We named the basic heating unit that powers our Eco Grill the ThermoTube Technology.

Enjoy it,
The EcoGrill team

2 year